We Will Walk Right By Your Side to Help You Break Through & Break Free From All That Is Holding You Back - Absolutely Free!
* very limited seating - only 150 spots for each webinar we do... *

Only 150 Spots

Very limited webinar...

Dr. Evan Johnson

Author, Speaker, Founder & CEO

"One Beautiful Moment Can Change Your Life Forever. But You Already Know that."

Topics Of Discussion In The Webinar:

The Truth Is, We Must Look At All Aspects Of Life!

  • LIFESTYLE: Transform Every Single Aspect Of Your Life From the Inside-Out
  • HEALTH & WELL-BEING: Hack Your Biology & Optimize Your Physiology For Success, Happiness, & Freedom
  • LOVE, SEX & RELATIONSHIPS: Create Healthier, More Aligned, More Conscious Relationships
  • MINDSET: Rewrite Your Beliefs & Condition Your Mind To A Whole New You
  • WEALTH & PROSPERITY: Crack the Codes of Wealth, Abundance & Prosperity
  • ​MISSION & PURPOSE: Stand In Your Power, Live Your Passion, And Embody Your Purpose
  • TRAVEL & ADVENTURE: Utilize A Simple, Affordable, & Grounded Framework Of Travel To Experience More Of Life
  • ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY: Decrease Your Carbon Footprint & Make Your Life Carbon Neutral
  • HEART-CENTERED LEADERSHIP: Connect To The Power Of Your Heart, Live Your Legacy & Never Look Back!

 Here, We Do Things Differently.

We utilize the most advanced health & wellness techniques, transformational life coaching, paradigm shifting concepts of psychology, and modern-day neuroscience to show individuals how to connect  teach our clients how to connect the moments of their life so that their life, becomes the medicine they have been seeking

I know you've tried everything, talked to everyone, and went everywhere searching the outside world for the answers that you will only find inside of yourself.

Are You Ready To Become The Medicine!?


- Ricky

"Highly recommended!"

- Ashley

"Expansive and inspiring. Thank you for revealing so much depth within the opportunities of our world and health..."

- Shanoon

"Dr. Evan is one of the most authentic pillars of light in the conscious community that I have ever met. He creates these quantum containers that allow me to go so deep and really open up to true healing and make powerful shifts on many different levels."

- Isaac

"The event was nothing but fun! They curate one spectacular health and wellness events with a variety of workshops, activities and great music for you to indulge in and meet amazing people. I have been implementing some of these exercises I took from the workshops into my everyday routine which has helped me in many ways. If you’re on a mission to explore or curious on where to start; you’ve found the right place for your path to spiritual wellness. I highly suggest attending these events. Maintaining an optimal level of wellness is the key to living a higher quality of life that everyone can achieve. Thank you Dr. Evan for hosting these 1-Day Immersive events, I can’t wait for the next one!"

- Justin

"Extremely knowledgeable in the science & arts of healing."

LET'S GET REAL! This Is For You If:

You are a high-level CEO, business owner, or entrepreneur who is in a state of massive change, radical transformation, and potential life-crisis.

We get it, the money, the gym memberships, the prescriptions, the bars, the food, the sex, the unhealthy habits, and most importantly, YOU and your belief systems are keeping yourself from living your best life of optimal health, success, and happiness. It doesn't have to be that way. And it doesn't have to be so difficult. That's why we created this program, for people like YOU who are ready to take their life to the next level.

You know there is more to life than doing the same thing, the same way, and never truly experiencing the ecstasy, adventure, and richness of what it means to be human, fully alive & fully awake. 

Youtube can get you some of the answers. The books, podcasts, and yoga classes can help you make some improvements. Most importantly, we created a system that will elevate, transform, and accelerate every single aspect of your life. The old way is not working, and it's taking way too long. Now that you found us, the only question you need to ask is, how fast do you want to go!?

You are done searching the outside world for the answers and you are ready to dive into yourself, once and for all to finally bring your dream life to the forefront & make it happen.

All that has ever been created, was once imagined. If you are truly here right now and present with these words, then that means you are meant for more and you are here for a reason. If you're brave enough, imagine the best life you can imagine. And take one big deep breath with me... See you on the inside!

Hey! I'm Dr. Evan. It's so nice to have you here!

I've dedicated my entire life to optimal health, conscious living, and leaving a legacy for future generations to come. I'm super passionate about helping leaders like you, 10x their health and take their life to the next level! 

I know what it takes to break through & break free from all that is holding you back because I've been there. I've been homeless, broke, lost, and completely naked in all that I am. And it was those moments that taught me what it takes to emerge from any type of chaos, change, or radical transformation even stronger, more centered, and more full of life than ever before! And I'm here to teach you how to do it as well!

Welcome to The Conscious Footprint,
You're the Best.

Dr. Evan Johnson

And The Conscious Footprint Team!

What You Will Learn On This Free Webinar:
The Top 5 Reasons Why Your Life Is The Medicine You've Been Seeking
Discover New Ways Of Thinking, Explore Deeper Levels Of Feeling & Embody Higher States Of Being
  • Understanding Trauma: The key to healing, is feeling. The More You Understand The Nature Of Trauma, The Easier (& More Fun!) This Will Be
  • Exploring Freedom & Sovereignty:  Get out of victim consciousness & create from a place of radical responsibility
  • Connecting The Moments of Your Life: See the silver-lining, the single thread that connects it all together
  • Finding Your Medicine: Explore the hundreds of classifications of "medicine"
  • ​Embodied Change & What It Means: Receive Guidance From People Who Have Been In Your Shoes Before, Maybe Even Bigger Ones
Why Your Habits Are Actually Preventing You From Healing, Creating Better Relationships, & Living Your Dream Life
Break Through Limiting Beliefs, Connect To Your Life's Purpose, and Break Free From All That Is Holding You Back!
  • Habitual Emotions: Our Life Is A Direct Reflection Of Our Habitual Emotions
  • Routines & Rituals: Create Dynamic Routines & Rituals That Adapt & Evolve As You Do
  • Release False Narratives: Live In The Present, For The Present, Through The Present
  • ​Rewrite The Past Programming: Unleash The Power Of Writing A New Story
  • Take Massive, Inspired Action: Get Guidance From Our Team Of Experts On Exactly What You Need To Do
How To Become the Medicine & How To Stop Relying On Outside World to Take Your Life To The Next Level
We've spend hours, and hundreds of thousands of dollar, to put these practices into play and now it's time we give it to you.
  • Get Rid Of The Books: How Many Books Are You Going To Read Before You Realize That There Is A Better Way!?
  • Stop Searching Google For The "Next Best Thing:" Big News, Humans Will Always Be The Most Intelligent Life
  • Get Advice From Experts In The field: We Only Work With The Best Of The Best
  • Break Through & Break Free: Don't Let Fear, Limiting Beliefs, And Unhealthy Resistance Stand In Your Way
  • Create Lasting Impact: Once And For All,  Live The Change That You Know Is Possible
What If I'm Not Ready For The Investment?
We have the best, step-by-step process to radically transform every single aspect of your life. We've had people who didn't have the money, FIND the money and make it work. Credit cards, support from family, re-adjusting your budget, and much more can help you go from where you are to where you want to go!
Will This Take A Long Time?
Your life. Your transformation. Your results. We are here to walk beside you, to stand in the trenches with you, and help you transform every single aspect of your life. you can go as fast or slow as you'd like. We typically see results and radical transformation in 30-90 days or less. However, your life is your medicine and your transformation is your responsibility.
Can You Send Me More Information To Look At?
If you are on this page, and you are still unsure about moving forwards, then we probably aren't a good fit to work together. We want to work with people that are ready to go! And we want to work with people who are committed to transformation, who will show up for us as much as we will show up for you!


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